Monday, May 18, 2009

This Is For The Birds!

I have a few birdhouse themed items coming up or already posted on my ebay .

Just wanted to share a few with you.

First, a decorative birdhouse ... a rose cottage for the birdies.

Also added my clay roses to the roof of this birdhouse.

Next, a wooden bird house tote or caddy. This is a great size.

Could store some magazines in this one, or towels in the guest bath.

Finally, a birdhouse peg shelf. All pretty in pink.

This says rose cottage chic all over it!

Hope you have a wonderful week and

thanks for stopping by!

Pink Clay Roses

From time to time, I offer items adorned with my hand made pink clay roses on my ebay or my etsy. Mostly I am painting, but if time allows, I hand make pink roses petal by petal. I put them on such things as Christmas ornaments, Easter egg ornaments, picture frames, boxes and bird houses. I do take custom orders for items, especially the Christmas ornaments, as they take a bit of time to make.
It's amazing how these little pink roses transform an item into something so pretty and cottage sweet!

Take a look at some items I have embellished with my clay roses...

Hope you have a beautiful day!