Friday, June 5, 2009

A Place For Everything...And Everything In It's Place!

Storage is so important for an organized, neat home. It makes life so much easier to know where things are when you need them. A place for everything! I am always looking for ways to be more organized in my home.

Cottage storage is as pleasing to look at as it is functional. Vintage baskets, suitcases and train cases, pretty stacking boxes, wooden chests are just a few ways to organize your cottage home.

I often offer storage options in my listings. Boxes, baskets, traincases, tubs, desk organizers, mail organizers to name a few. Take a look below to see some previously and presently offered items in my ebay store painted up rose cottage style. And keep checking back to see what new storage items I'm offering in my listings!

Vintage lunch boxes are so pretty and functional painted pink:

Used in any room of your home, vintage wooden boxes and chests are essentials:

You'll find baskets in all shapes and sizes in a rose cottage:

Sweet and functional stacking hat boxes:

Keep your desk, your mail and workspace organized, you'll find what you need in a snap:

Vintage train cases...repurpose and recycling at it's best:

Storage tubs and tins painted cottage style great for any room of the house,

& for so many purposes:

Hope you have a wonderful week!